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  • Dimples & Whispers

    A chocolate Corgador (Corgi and Lab). FOREVER LOOKS LIKE A PUPPY! Shut up! I want one!!!! Not really an animal person but I do like dogs and this one is adorable.

  • Emily Ireland

    chocolate corgador (corgi and lab mix) i'm an animal person AT ALL but this is my kind of dog. how adorable. <3 :)

  • David Beagin

    LABRADOR – A chocolate Corgador (Corgi and Lab). FOREVER LOOKS LIKE A PUPPY! Shut up! I want one!!!!

  • Lorrayna Snyder

    ummm @Brittney Usowski ????? :D Chocolate corgador (corgi lab mix)

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Chocolate Mini Labradoodle by Mountain Creek Labradoodles. Soooo cute!

♥ Yes, this is the reason why we have had 3 Lab doggies. They are really cute puppies and we tend to ignore those big paws. :)

Some people tell us we're too playful, too excited, and we just eat too many objects; It's those who wait out the trouble for five long years who understand the beauty of a friendship a Labrador will bring...

e044e753c02cf5f4e2ccd2fc6e959fae.jpg 300×450 pixels

Woofy say welcome home Meowy! ... Meowy is so blessed to be welcomed by Woofy.

Hudson, a Chocolate Corgador (Lab x Corgi) at 3 months, who likes to climb, even with those Corgi legs by corgiaddict. Thanks to @Jeanette Long! @ Elizabeth Silbermann @ Divya Silbermann (Bhaskaran)! #Corgador #Dogs #corgiaddict

Silver lab. Often thought to be a mix of lab and Weimaraner, but true pups do exist and will darken as they get older. A true litter of silver labs often look striped like tabby cats when first born, but the stripes will disappear quickly. How cute, never met a lab I didn't like. :)

Oh man. He's guilty, but how can you punish that...

"My new puppy Shorty. He's a black lab corgi mix if you can believe it. Thanks for all the comments and explore!" - Hans Halgren