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Who Said That? Game ~ Prior to game everyone writes down (in their trickiest handwriting) one fact about themselves. Fold up the slip of paper & put it in hat. When sitting around the campfire, give one person a flashlight to start. They pick one slip of paper and has to guess who wrote the fact. If they get it correct, pass the flashlight to the person who wrote it & that person picks a slip of paper. If they get it wrong after three guesses the person owns up to who wrote it & they go…
Tips and Tricks for Camping
Considering the fact that I am usually quite the uncoordinated, not-so-athletic, indoor gal, it may be a surprise to my friends that I love to go camping! I love the fact that there are no electronics to distract our family time and I thoroughly enjoy watching my children explore nature and relish in imaginative play. …
A bit more then we need, but still a good outline.  Camping Checklist, Preparing for Camping
Best list of camping tips & tricks I've found, if you are thinking about a trip anytime soon this is a must pin! She even includes a packing list! #toddlers #kids #camping
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