Top 10 Household Cleaning Tips: The Tough Problems Professional house cleaners spill their best-kept secrets to save you time and effort

Purchase a one quart glass bottle of white vinegar, add 25 drops of Lavender essential oil + 1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol (for emulsion). You now have a quart of naturally softening fabric softener! Good for your skin, good for your appliance and good for the planet!

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Remove permanent marker from wood floors..or wood dining tables -worked like a charm! also use it to take permanent marker off of walls, dry erase boards or anything that has been permanent marker tattooed!

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Do you actually have to clean your Dyson?? Seriously, I am not cleaning my cleaning tools. That's why I don't want front-loading washer. Apparently those get stinky. No thanks!

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I need to do this when we move ...Professional house cleaners spill their 10 best-kept secrets to save time

Top 10 Household Cleaning Tips from professional house cleaners: Use the right rust stain remover to clean toilets.

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Keep one in the shower filled with a mixture of half vinegar and half Dawn dishsoap. Use it to wipe down the shower while you are in there and your shower will always be clean. Must try this!

Place a layer of waxed paper on top of kitchen cupboards to prevent grease and dust from settling. Switch out every few months to keep them clean. Via In This Crazy Life

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Hidden tricks to get your house sparkling in record time. I think every Pinterest trick is listed here!

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This really schedule Ive seen to a clean house