ha. true.

My life every single morning.

I. Love. Them.

People should not tease her about that. What Kanye West did to her by interrupting her speech after winning that award was terribly rude and uncalled for! Taylor SO deserves EVERY SINGLE AWARD SHE GETS, and I can say without even seeing it that Beyonce's video probably was a bunch of crap!!.... trashy and a waste of time... but Taylor's videos are always clean cut and her songs/lyrics MEAN SOMETHING!!!!! GO TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

That awkward moment between your birth and your death.


We're on the same team!!!

Hahaha seriousuly. I'm so awkward around attractive people. I apologize ahead of time...

Haha wow

ha..ha...facebook stalking. Pretty sure I have one of these stalkers!

Very true question!

Heh heh

oh true love

Even Pocahontas understands the importance of mahogany. #Hungergames

I love Eminem.

flowers, flours

Pretty much