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How cute?! I know it's a wolf but still!They are an interesting animal that is missUNDERstood for hurting people.NOTICE that it is in their nature they don't mean to it's just an instinct like protecting yourself from poachers or something!(: #LOVEWOLFS

White Wolf Howling get more only on freefacebookcover...

Wouuu!...These Samissomar´s Pinterests Are So Wild...Hey, Samissomar Please Show Me More !...

The thing about belief systems is the subtle yet powerful spiritual and mental abuse involved. Much of this is because people are basically debilitated from birth in today’s world and they don’t catch the nuances of deceit in the societal fabric until they wake up… or it’s too late. --Zen Gardner, Guest, Waking Times

baby coyote howling. The only time coyotes are cute

Baby Wolf Howling - Love! Reading helps you to achieve your goals

"Nightmare Guard" - light box wolf forest

Wolf Pup Innocent...but the public will soon cry guilty when he is an adult...yet no wrong doing will be his...just because of what he is.

Please make the ethical choice to be kind, compassionate, peaceful and loving to ALL animals. They are not "ours" to harm, enslave, exploit, kill, eat, etc. GO VEGAN - with so many plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs - it has never been easier!