Baby Shower Diaper Raffle - All guests who bring a package of diapers (any size) are entered to win prizes!

Baby shower diaper raffle - for every diaper a guest brings, they get a raffle ticket to win prizes

Diaper Raffle! My friends and family did a diaper raffle for my shower, it said on the invitation, "if you'd like to enter to win a prize, bring a pack of diapers, any size" When the guests arrive they either can get a ticket of put their name in a hat, the mom to be then picks a name or number out of a hat and the winner gets a gift card or any kind of nice prize. I got thousands upon thousands of diapers. My baby is 4 months old and this is what i still have left! I havent bought a dia...

I like the idea of bringing diapers to be entered into a raffle!

I'd state what the PRIZE is : a gift card to a local spa!! They can pick their own spa service!

baby shower diaper raffle for prizes

Can you make some raffle tickets to match the theme too? Here's an idea. We wanted to do the bring a pack of diapers you get a raffle ticket and we can get some gift card prizes for that.

Baby Shower Diaper Raffle Tickets Jungle by PartylandCreations

Loca / Date / Time Line about diaper raffle & spa prize Registered at BRU & Target. Incl our mailing address for cards/gifts from out of towners. RSVP info - Lisa's cell & email

Diaper raffle - instead give a ticket to whoever brings them at the shower. That way no one 'has to' get you any.

adorable invites, especially the folded paper diaper: "_____ needs diapers! So bring a pack to win a prize!"

Diaper Raffle

DIY Chevron Diaper Raffle Tickets for a Boy by LilCubbyPrintables

Diaper cake

I love the diaper cakes...

INSTANT UPLOAD Baby Shower Games Diaper Raffle by PaperEtiquette, $3.00

Ruffled Diaper Cover

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Diaper wreath

This is a great idea! Who says Dad's can't have baby showers too??

Baby Shower for the Daddy! LOVE! Huggies and Chuggies party. This is by far the BEST idea for a shower I've heard of yet--and gives the dad some time to celebrate too.