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THIS IS ALL I EVER WANTED!! But it's like Daron is a lil student or kid compared to the big guns...

THIS IS ALL I EVER WANTED! But it's like Daron is a lil student or kid compared to the big guns.

Heck no I'm not giving my guns to the government!

Heck no I'm not giving my guns to the government!

So the Internet seem to have gone mental with the release of the HERA Arms CQB stock and front grip. To complicate things further, there were a few random pictures released filling up my social media flow. Was it the HERA once again, or another concept? They looked very similar. The pictures looked great, but …   Read More …

therevenantrising: “ norseminuteman: “ Hera Arms CQR stock and foregrip set. ” They look even cooler with a drum mag. ” The first picture in the set is actually Vitaly Bulgarov’s DEX stock.

#humor #funny #meme #picture #kickass

#humor #funny #meme #picture #kickass

Ezzy Pezzy Trigger SQUEEZEY

Ezzy Pezzy Trigger SQUEEZEY

When a man hits a target, they call him a marksman. When I hit a target, they call it a trick. Never did like that much. Annie Oakley

I wouldnt want to make an enemy of her

Throughout her career, it is believed that Annie Oakley taught upwards of women how to use a gun. Oakley believed strongly that it was crucial for women to learn how to use a gun, as not only a.

Dude, you have to see this

Let’s flood the vegetation with a massive herd of goats - Funny Memes

Don't mess with a chick who knows how to handle a gun, let alone... My 45

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NSA, I know you're reading this. You think I'm doing something wrong, get a warrant. By my fourth Amendment right, get a fucking warrant!

Funny pictures about Phone calls are too dangerous. Oh, and cool pics about Phone calls are too dangerous. Also, Phone calls are too dangerous.

Secret passageways! I really want one when I grow up. (on a side note at first glance i thought the wine cellar was filled with shoes LOL)

Who doesn't love secret passage ways? I need a house with a secret passage ways!

I dont care if she is gonna kill me...  but admit it dis looks amazing...  also reminds me of a song called bullet from a gun by the script....

Ανέκδοτο: Γυναίκα μπαίνει σε ένα κατάστημα με είδη κυνηγίου

I shot u down bang bang, u hit the ground bang bang, that awful sound bang bang.I used to shoot u down.