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Salvaged material greehnouse

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Keep an Eye Out This girl was able to repurpose old windows she found from a school to build this haven. Keep your eye out for salvageable parts.

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The greenhouse benches were added to house all the trays of seedlings come Spring.

Hometalkfrom Hometalk

Make your own greenhouse :: The Hometalk Team's clipboard on

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Top 12 greenhouse ideas on Hometalk! --->

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lean-to greenhouse. I wish! Behind the garage

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nothing better than a cute little green house

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LOVE this garden shed

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Diamond Fence

This is a great looking fence idea and so practical too.... Minimal wood used, structurally strong with 2x4s and a stock fencing and lots of light allowed to come in but keep the deer out!

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make a small green house out of old windows for growing veggies in the winter

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greenhouse made from old windows - Bing Images Found on

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dar-built greenhouse it took me 12 hou

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I would love to have my own little green house

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Small individual greenhouses

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Really like this style: Edwarian mono-pitch lean-to greenhouse, front cold frames. Would like to create a similiar look using salvaged brick and windows!