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    Piedra Movediza Tandil, Argentina. The precariously-balanced 300-ton boulder fell in 1912. There was blasting going on at a nearby quarry and it's thought the vibrations made it fall.

    Grizzly Bear and Cub

    In 1979, snow fell in the Sahara Desert.

    Wall of Fire, Lake Arrowhead, California.

    These are Hurricane red crabs on Cayman Brac, wow. An invasion

    Breviceps fuscus - a grumpy looking frog

    An extremely rare narwhal skull with double tusks. There are only about 10 other bones like this in the world. Narwhals are a rare arctic whale. It is challenging enough to see one with one tusk. It is almost an impossibility to actually catch one with two tusks. Biologists estimate that there are only 1 in every 1000 Narwhal who actually have a double tusk. They are uncertain of why this phenomenon exists. They are even more uncertain why these sword like tusks occur on the whale.

    Human fingerprint. The smaller circles within the epidermal ridges are sweat gland ducts. SEM X35 | Richard Kessel photo, visuals unlimited


    Pamukkale, Turkey ~~by Sri Sanjev~~

    Human and Gorilla skeleton side by side

    ♥ What if the other planets were as close as the moon

    Orchid (Odontioda Cassandra)


    Giant cicada, unbearably loud. Up to 120 dB! On a very hot day you don't get to hear much else. - Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

    The inside of the human body... in slices




    Derbyshire, England//


    Bald Eagles in Alaska

    A new day begins by Sandra Metzbauer

    The base of an island fans out beneath the surface of Lake Superior in Ontario and disappears to the dark depths of this great lake.

    When glaciers erode into both sides of a mountain, the cirques on either side eventually meet in a sharp, ragged ridge called an arête (ar-RET).