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    Staying in love

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    • Samantha Dean

      The easy thing is to quit and move on, but if you choose to stay and then get through the tough times, you'll find your love relationship grows stronger.

    • Meghan Stabler

      The easy thing is to quit and move on, throwing away all we had. It's hard to repair a relationship, but that it where courage, commitment and love can shine.

    • Lisa Wilson

      Truth. I've interviewed couples who were married for 20, 30, 40 and 60 years and they ALL said this very thing. It isn't easy and it requires self sacrifice...

    • lizanne k.

      The easy thing is to quit & move on... Honor your vows & choose to stay together. God will help you get through the tough times, and your relationship will come out stronger and deeper.

    • Erica Hougen

      Falling in love is not a choice, but to stay in love is. Quote. EH

    • Tiffany Dean

      Staying in love <3 truth

    • Jazmine Doerner

      Staying in love life

    • Samantha Smith


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    Did you know...To remain in love for a lifetime, therapists advise couples to listen actively to your partner, ask questions, give answers, appreciate, stay attractive, grow intellectually, include your partner, give him/her privacy, be honest and trustworthy, tell your mate what you need, accept his/her shortcomings, give respect, never threaten to leave, say no to adultery, don't assume the relationship will last forever, and cultivate variety!

    smart words.

    Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    I ask again, which one are you?

    "Don't chase people; be you, do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you and stay." Truth and truth.

    true dat

    Definitely something I need to keep in mind at this time and all times.

    Yeap. What it comes down to is your actions in the end. As the saying goes actions speak louder than words. We can make careful plans if needed to to end relationships we do not wish to stay in. Start making plans for the life you want to have after that person is no longer a part of your life. This will make you stronger. Feel the fear, but do it anyway--carefully and with the help of others. If you give up, nothing will change.

    YES!! Some times it is that simple!


    True to people starting to not be your friends in high school and after that that's where life truly begins. So for now this is completely the truth

    stay cool

    To be truthful, if some people did what they did in the beginning of our relationship they would not even get a second thought from me today.


    never give up ♥

    Godly Relationship...this is the way it should be

    Staying in Love is Very SPECIAL.

    Sometimes we have to do things that are not easy. They're actually really hard. But we do them because they're the right thing to do. Even when it hurts, we have to always do the RIGHT thing.

    I've wanted to say this to so many people through the years!