summer neutrals

Feeling ecstatic right now, after I picked up an identical one to this at my local Salvos store for $8.25

Gusi Banda Bag (Pre-order)


this bag

purse + jewelry

by Hawke & Carry


simple with accessories

long fully decorated with lace fashion inspiration outfit by a Boho Chic

Cute sandals. Can't wait for this summer and all our fun trips this year! Yayness! !

Flats, draped sweater, Balenciaga bag

Beige dress to go with the lovely orange bag. Can't get any cuter. ;) #Romwe

half moon bag //

Leather tote bag in distressed mahogany with braid and fringe

Black is always an amor

Gorgeous. #Purse #Handbag #Armcandy #Trending | Visit WISHCLOUDS.COM for more...

off the shoulder <3 Can't wait for summer!