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yay. its gunna be great.  bahahaha

its gunna be great. except for that fact that i hate cats.


my 13 yr old actually did this to her date on her first homecoming dance!

Must ppl

Some people just need a sympathetic pat. On the head. With a hammer.

Its unnecessary how hard I laughed at this.... And I couldn't help but put it on my history board, enjoy! (Sorry about the lewdness)

This made me really uncomfortable…

This I agree with. "The idea that people had sex before the century really freaks me out. Like George Washington probably got a blow job and that makes me uncomfortable"

Seriously Calum, i'm right here. Only 2 years age difference.

Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin,Calum Hood the list goes on

This is totally me! I have a "phone voice" and my normal voice which was recently described as "raspy lounge singer" which translates into "man"

My voice is so girly when I talk to strangers, but when i'm with my friends I turn into Morgan Freeman. hahahaha yes!

Jaja alguien más igual que yo

Nope no super powers lol I just don't like looking ratchet! And it don't even take that long 😭😘😁

They don't even teach cursive anymore. How are kids supposed to sign checks? Or are they getting rid of those too?

This is true. Once we got into high school, they stopped requiring us to write in cursive. However, I switch interchangeable between cursive and print. I write in cursive still because I think it's pretty.

And if you are ordering meat at a restaurant and don't know how you like it cooked.  -moms

I don't even have to turn to my mom. I just sit there and smile at the Doctor until my mom says something.