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  • Ruth Teague

    These tiny monkey's are native to the rainforests of Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia and are the cutest thing I've seen today! Finger monkeys, as they are called, are in fact, pygmy marmosets.

  • Erica Linthicum

    FINGER MONKEY! (aka, pygmy marmoset) how can something so cute be real????

  • emma anderson

    @미미 ♡-N-Tiny #Marmoset #Monkey #BabyMonkey #Cute #Tiny

  • Adriane Collins

    Finger monkey! Oh pygmy marmoset, when will you be mine? Best pet in the world? Probably.

  • Maria Weihs

    baby monkey... epfjerjtfnsdkjfsdjf so cute!!!

  • Alexis Alexander

    The finger monkey is the tiniest living primate in the world. It’s so small that it can hold on to your finger. Finger monkeys are, as a matter of fact, pygmy marmosets. They are also known by the names ‘pocket monkey’ and ‘tiny lion’. These primates belong to the family Callitrichidae, species Cebuella and genus C. pygmaea. They are native to rain-forests of Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. (Source: Buzzle) @Crystal Herrick - forget your micro mini pigs, I want one of THESE!!

  • Gwen Sollenberger

    FINGER MONKEY! (aka, pygmy marmoset) An actual tiny cute animal instead of a miniature giraffe. ;P

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I texted this pic to Blake and told him this is what I want for Christmas. I want a finger monkey!!! So cute.

Finger monkeys are actually pygmy marmosets from the rain forest. These primates belong to the family Callitrichidae, species Cebuella and genus C. pygma. They are the tiniest living primates in the world. They are also known by the names "pocket monkeys" and "tiny lions". Theses adorable guys hug and grip on to your finger so tight that it pulls at your heartstrings and you want to take them home with you.

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