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Choosing to eat a cleaner diet can give you more energy, strengthen your immune system, and even help shed those pesky pounds. The importance of eating “Clean Food” food that is whole, minimally processed, and close to the source for maximum nutrition.

from Design The Life You Want To Live

VIDEO is like standing buck-naked in front of your mother

This would be Camille from gymnastics! She also recently badly broke her nose and needed surgery by running into a little kid on the playground!

from Thug Life Shirts

You Go Glen Coco

If there are four things you should always know about me in the winter time it's that I am always tired, hungry, bored, and cold so if you feed, entertain me, keep me warm, and take naps with me you are good.

from Lifehack

5 Psychological Reasons You Are Addicted to Facebook and 5 Ways to Break the Habit

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