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"The oceans ballerina" the hammerhead shark. I heard a marine biologist call them that on Discovery Channel when I was really young and I never forget it. That was the moment I realized that this was my favorite animal ever.

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The water refracts the light so that it looks bent. Interestingly, the photo also shows a shark that is moving the in the same direction as that line is. This creates a great sense of unity. It shows that the subjects of the photo are unified in motion.

j4r3dd1n3s: gl0vving: Hammerhead Shark || Rick White #fuckno

I was vacationing @ Long Beach Island, NJ, when a 4'10" hammerhead was caught from the beach in front of the condo we were staying in back in the'70's! It was AWESOME!

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I always thought it would be fun to swim in one of the zoo tanks. The water always looks so clear and refreshing!

This is an awesome photo

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