• Aimee Engen

    I love this- I may not be the suzy homemaker type, but there's 2 things that fully satisfy my husband till his eyes are rolling and I love that he gets them in MY kitchen, holla.

  • Guy-Edouard CESAR

    A real woman quote!!

  • Lolvirgin.com

    So True! REPIN, if you are a Real Woman #realWoman

  • K M IV


  • John Hill

    A Real Woman Never ... #sexy #hungry #horny #woman

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There are far better things ahead than the things left behind. C.S. Lewis

I love you, but don't worry I never will. You broke me twice.

trusting my way to enoughness

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Silhouette quote art


I Miss You My Best Friend Quotes

good friends vs best friends

I think this is how best friends work.

When You Look Back On Times We Had quotes quote rain happy smile sad memories past life quote thoughts think thinking missing you love quote


Worrying Won't Stop The Bad Stuff From Happening, It Just Stops You From Enjoying The Good

that's ok

by Annette Gonzales: Amen :) #Affirmation

just you wait...

Completely open to a new life

Charles Bukowski

It is rain that grows flowers. Good to remember as I get married in Sept. weddingmusicproje...


You are not stuck//

i am here