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ORCHIDS FOR Dummies potting mix options


oh, I'm so doing this in my won't be a working faucet so no need to have it tapped into the water line. just a pipe and faucet from the hardware store and a crystal from the craft store, and an old bucket from the thrift shop.

How to Tell if Garlic is Ready to Harvest

How to grow grapes in a container

How and When To Cut Your Garlic Scapes – Vermont Organic Farm | Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center

Interesting blog "The Walden Effect" permaculture farming MANY ASPECTS. Here: Burying bokashi

Flax plants should be started in mid-to-late spring. You can simply plant flax seeds from the bulk section of the grocery store. They grow well in the ground and in containers, and do well in fairly crowded conditions, making flax a great option for a smaller space or container garden. A good mulch and daily watering will help these plants thrive. They'll grow well into the fall.

Growing flax: seeds are ready to harvest when the large seed pods are yellow and starting to split open

the best air purifying plants.English ivy .Spider plant , Golden pothos, Peace lily,Chinese evergreen ,Bamboo palm or reed palm,Snake plant,Heartleaf philodendron ,Selloum philodendron,Elephant ear philodendron, Red-edged dracaena ,Cornstalk dracaena, Janet Craig dracaena , Warneck dracaena, Weeping fig, Gerbera daisy , Pot mum , Rubber plant.

15 air purifying house plants. Variegated Spider Plant - GREAT indoor plant for removing carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities. Spider plants are one of the three plants NASA deems best at removing formaldahyde from the air** Easy to Grow - Cleans the Air -

There is one easy thing you can do to keep your strawberries from rotting.

Need something natural, yet effective, to kill off the bugs that are eating all of your garden crop? Try this Garlic Pepper Tea Spray from

10 Heavenly Smelling Plants for Your Yard- Plants that smell delicious that are perfect for your yard and garden

How to Grow Dry Beans...From a bag of grocery store beans! Cheaper per ounce and pound than growing from seed packets, too!

When sunflowers lose all their petals, start to sag, and the bees ignore them, then it's time to work on seed saving techniques. Place a paper bag over the sunflower to collect the seeds and stop the birds from eating them.

Alternative Gardning - grow ginger from scraps

How to Grow Houseplants in Artificial Light | Today's Homeowner

Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op: Indoor Seed Starting doesn't have to be complicated or expensive!

Terrariums are easy to make, extremely low maintenance, and add a beautiful touch to any room. Here’s the step by step…

Veggies to grow in the shade

This illustrated picture of a A Victory Garden For A Family Of Five on a plot of by 25 by 50 feet is a guide of how people grew a large garden harvest of fruits and vegetables on a small piece of land.

DIY Rain Barrel - You won't have to feel guilty about using fresh water to water your garden anymore! #organic #gardening