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    Mouse Trap. MICE MUST DIE!

    plastic bottle mouse trap.Its humane and you recycle!double win! :)

    A Bar Of Irish Spring Soap Will Help Keep Mice Out Of Your RV/Camper Or Home. Love This.

    How To Build A Self-Resetting Mouse Trap (Super effective & it keeps catching mice)

    Trap multiple mice with a five gallon bucket!

    Homemade Black Powder

    Homemade Wasp Trap

    Build your own repeating mouse trap

    Bucket Mouse Traps |

    Make a homemade mouse trap from an old soup can. A classic article from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS archives.

    Candle Powered Heater - I've been looking a various ways to make these and this guy has by far the best setup. It isn't so much a how-to video. He is just showing what he used to construct his version of the terra cotta pot candle heater.

    Replace $450 A/C unit with a $15 homemade solution

    A Better Mouse Trap That Catches Multiple Mice without Pesticides or Resetting! (Can be Lethal or Non-Lethal Depending on Preference)

    Homemade wood burner

    7 Really Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home | Cool Homemade DIY Weapons you can Improvise for Survival By Survival Life

    DIY Homemade Solar Furnace - For a total cost of only $50...

    ant trap

    Mouse Magic Mouse Repellent | Buy from Gardener's Supply