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    The Hemsworth brothers - Luke, Chris and Liam :)

    Liam and Chris Hemsworth

    People don't clown on Marky Mark any more these days...

    so true.

    ladies and gentlemen, the hemsworths. --their parents know how to do itt

    Franco Brothers ♥

    Magic Mike Magic Mike!!

    Ryan Reynolds.

    Paul Walker...Moisturizer

    Chris Hemsworth

    and on the 8th day god created the Hemsworth brothers..amen

    Liam Hemsworth.


    Chris and Liam Hemsworth. Well done, Hemsworth parents, well done.

    Oh, hello...

    Chris Pine. He's just really really really attractive.

    oh man he's gorgeous

    YES! Yes it is....

    Why are you so hot, Mr. Hutcherson?