and on the 8th day god created the Hemsworth brothers..amen

Liam and Chris Hemsworth

The Hemsworth brothers - Luke, Chris and Liam :)

David Beckham and Adam Levine - this is what can only be called "too much hot in one spot."

ladies and gentlemen, the hemsworths. --their parents know how to do itt

Chris Evans


Just freaking yum.

Zefron, Tatum, Gosling, Gigandet, Lautner, Reynolds, Lutz, Somerhalder, and Cooper. Whoa..

aaron tveit. Yeah okay

Brody Jenner <3 he may be a tool but still hot

the joker and Robin :P probably my favorite picture on the internet now.. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger

I need me a hero

dear God...thank you.

Theo James

True Blood:: Hot

Johnny Depp

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

oh. my. channing tatum.