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  • Sean Gelles

    Post War Moral New World Order (1942)

  • Matthew

    New order circa 1942

  • Olivia Paione

    In the Americas, slaves came in large enough numbers to become an important segment of the New World population. The trauma of the Middle Passage, however, did not strip Africans of their culture, and they interjected it into the New World. The lesser numbers of women brought to the New World limited opportunities for family life. The British pressured other nations to follow course, although the final end of New World slavery did not occur until Brazilian abolition in 1888.

  • Alistair Mackay

    Post War New World Map - Desktop #Wallpaper

  • Dan Kingore

    Cold War New World Order

  • Sean Mitchell

    Post World War II Gomberg world Map print

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Emerson married Ellen Tucker in 1829. He quit the ministry because of her death, which was in 1832. Once he quit the ministry, he took off and went on a traveling tour of Europe.

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what a map is... a map is like a picture of the earth taken from high in the air. a map can show us many things that are located upon the earth. a few of them are shown here. a globe is really a model or small copy of our earth. just like a doll is a model of a small person, and a toy airplane is a model of a real airplane. /cc @Sha Hwang