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Really Cool Ice Breaker Games: these would be fabulous for team building at the beginning of the school year

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Ice Breaker Games for High School Students

Ice Breaker Games for High School Students | eHow

This website has a lot of ideas for ice breakers that could be used during the beginning of the school year or even as transition activities between lessons. They encourage students to work together and talk with one another, which will strengthen social skills and encourage friendships.

Minefield -- Duct Tape Teambuilding Game - YouTube This would be a great game at the beginning of the year. It would help kids work together as teams and build trust. Its also great for focus, when everyone is talking, you have to listen for your partner.

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Ice Breaker Activities for Use in College Classrooms

Ice Breaker Games for College Kids | eHow

Monday Made It {Beach Ball Activity} I made this and I just changed the questions. I found the ball at Target for about $1.50. Easy and inexpensive!

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Ice Breaker Games

"Differentiated Classroom" page 42-44 .................................................. Icebreakers for High School Students, I might be able to use this for a youth thing

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Your Cheat-Sheet to Public Speaking

Don't know why college students have problems with it, we are not in high school anymore and the percentage of mockery is lquite low. By the way, can you remember the worst public speaker whose speaches you attended? But you can remember the one that gave you the most motivation for something. This #Infographic helps you to gain better understanding of the public speech phenomena

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Ice Breakers for Groups

Ice Breakers for Groups - different ideas for kids, teens, and adults.

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Free Back to School Ice Breaker

Free Back to School Ice Breaker! | Minds in Bloom ... I use a similar BINGO game as an ice breaker for the first day

Students each write something that makes them happy = Wall of Happiness ELA in the middle | Middle School English, Language Arts