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Ice Breakers

M&M ice breaker game (use with stand up, hand up, pair up)

It is a College Preparation Bulletin Board. It describes the paths students need to take to prepare to go to college; starting in freshman year. The original poster and bulletin board was done by Abby Hill, Peoria High School Senior.

Ice Breaker Games For Teens - Some of these are really fun! Don't forget "Never have I ever"

This website has a lot of ideas for ice breakers that could be used during the beginning of the school year or even as transition activities between lessons. They encourage students to work together and talk with one another, which will strengthen social skills and encourage friendships.

This activity would be good to build and focus on leadership. As Therapeutic Recreation majors, it is important to have leadership skills and this is a fun and easy way to incorporate leadership into a game. It would be fun to play even just as an ice breaker.

Team building/ ice breakers...LIST of MANY icebreakers or team-building exercises!

Ice breaker for a mixed company party or for kids. Use any colored manipulative instead of candy in a classroom setting!

ice breaker games (originally intended for the classroom, but would work great any time)

Ice Breaker Games for Families

Icebreakers for High School Students. Some of the ideas for introducing yourself to your new class are Clever and can be tweaked toward how I can and want the class to go down. However, other ideas involve some complication and have chances of embarrassment which does not set up a good classroom atmosphere.

Ice Breaker Games for College Kids --- I like the stranded on an island one

Ice breaker game

Name Game, good for getting to know each other at the beginning of an event!

Ice Breakers for Groups - different ideas for kids, teens, and adults.

Free Back to School Ice Breaker! | Minds in Bloom ... I use a similar BINGO game as an ice breaker for the first day