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Oriental poppy (Papaver orientale) have huge crepe-paper flowers in fiesta colors that seem to usher in the vacation months. After flowering, however, the plants quietly fold up and remain dormant until autumn, when a fresh rosette of foliage appears.'Patty's Plum', has enormous dusty purple flowers. Photo: (cc) Daryl Mitchell/Flickr

10 Unusual Spring Flowers: Pasque flower (Pulsatilla) have gorgeous purplish blue flowers and demand a well-drained spot with sandy or gravelly soil and a neutral pH. For areas with wetter and warmer winters, try European pasque flower. Pasque flowers do not grow well in regions with hot, humid summers.

Always wondered what these were. Also called the flowering onion, the allium is a late sring bloomer seen in the May gardens.

European wood anemone (Anemone) form solid drifts of white or blue flowers. Try the white and green 'Bracteata Pleniflora', the late-blooming white 'Vestal', the green-flowered 'Monstrosa', and the yellow-flowered buttercup anemone. *Photo: (cc) L.C. Nottaasen

10 Garden crafts that are perfect for spring from @CraftBits & CraftGossip

spring forward {wedding season has arrived!} | Lovely Little Details

cute! Flower Basket...would make a great centerpiece for weddings and showers

10 herbs for your spring garden

pretty spring flowers. I don't have a favorite flower but I've always liked tulips since I was a young child because it was a sign of spring ♥

Leopard's Bane (Doronicum) opens its yellow daisylike flowers with the daffodils. 'Little Leo' is a showstopper with double glowing golden flowers. Leopard's bane does well as far south as Virginia but wilts miserably farther south where spring days are hot. Plants produce fresh foliage in autumn after spending the summer underground.