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Planking- Fallujah Version

Ok main stream media show these stories instead of that anti law enforcement garbage. How About Some Love For A Good Police Officer.

o gosh

Let's start the weekend off right! With some Star Wars humor! Thanks to a fan... #YodaHumor #StarWars

Mean Girls disney princesses! hahaha

Military "Ants"


You really never experienced pain as a child…I am kinda in awe that this is written the way it is written but with that being said...this is so true lol

This is awesome haha

I could not stop laughing

The Groupon Employee In Charge Of Replying To Comments Needs A Serious Raise!

Funny: Russian themed demotivators

Nailed it.

Great answer...


How to: Keep your butt warm in the freezing cold

Obama Hates Cats!

I knew it.