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  • Ksinterest Vmedia

    Great idea! Make a wood roller Making textured rollers with a hot glue gun...............a roller of some sort (cut up pieces of PVC, empty rolls of tape, couplings for PVC, plastic rolling pins from the dollar store or craft store). a sharpie. a hot glue gun. They only cost a couple of bucks. extra hot glue sticks.

  • Priyanka Srivastava

    Glue Gun + Paint Roller/ PVC pipe/ rolling pin = Brilliant Texturing Tool

  • Pilar Ayerza

    DIY Textured Roller for Clay Tutorial from Pottery Blog made using PVC pipe, empty tape rolls, Dollar Store rolling pins - anything round and then glue from a hot glue gun. You could use mini ones gently for polymer clay. First seen at Dollar Store Crafts here. One of the people commenting wrote: Having trouble laying down the glue on the roller, I cut wall paper to the exact dimensions of the roller.I laid the paper out flat, transferred a design to the paper, lai

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How to Paint Tile Give outdated ceramic tile walls a new look by decoratively painting them in colors you love. Enamel crafts paint (available at crafts stores and discount stores that carry crafts supplies) covers well on most tiles.

I always wondered how they did that!! hot glue gun, bottles and paint! by eliza....really really great idea!

Hot glue on a rolling pin to make a repeating pattern in clay or play dough

GET OUT! Say what? Did you know you could create art using crayons and a hot glue gun?

≈flower paintings by tracing and creating raised drawing, then stamping with paint - LINK HAS BEEN FIXED TO POINT TO ORIGINAL SOURCE WITH FULL TUTORIAL - this is a great idea, glad to have ALL the info now! Making custom stamps without carving (plexiglass and silicone) - and as a bonus, loading stamp with ombre paint pattern. Make any design you wish! pb≈

Why didn't I think of this? Use a Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun to Make Snowflakes on your Windows! If you are afraid that they will be hard to remove, you could always spray pam on a cookie sheet, make the designs on there and then just adhere them to the windows afterwards. That way they're reusable too!

Use a Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun to Make Snowflakes on your Windows!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Hot glue trinkets that look expensive and will likely win you acalades from your loved ones.: This works perfectly! Make sure you use this silicone molds, not super cheap ones or they will melt and stick to the hot glue.

hot glue as handmade stencils-I need to try this! Use the Stay-Put Craft Mat for this one!!!

white Queen crown made out of glue, trying it LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is pretty cool.