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Top 7 American hand gestures that can get you into trouble abroad.

Hand Jive: Top 7 Common American Hand Gestures That Can Get You In Trouble Abroad infographic

Death by drowning at a lifeguard party, death by bestiality, death by jury demonstration, by lava lamp, by segway, death on stage while telling a joke...No joke, I knew an octogenarian woman in Sitka who died while playing her accordion as a volunteer musician at the retirement home after biking in from the bay where she rowed in from her house on a tiny island in the sound.

24 Funniest Ways to Die Infographic Thumbnail

World of Booze - Imgur

World of Booze

The 25 Weirdest Drinking Customs in the World. Do you have a whacky drinking custom?

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Our last infographic on geeks vs nerds got a hell of a lot of traffic. We see it fit to now post the geek vs hipster infographic.

Man am i knackered. Well i was eating my biscuit an i realized i did not put away my trousers so i took the lift up to my flat and i realized i also needed to go to the post office so i took the underground to London and i mailed my envelope and went home. By the time i got home i was completely zonked.

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Funny pictures about You sound like you're from London. Oh, and cool pics about You sound like you're from London. Also, You sound like you're from London.

Avant l’orgasme le niveau d’ocytocine atteint 5 fois la norme. L’ocytocine libère endorphines et corticostéroïdes, qui soulagent : arthrite, mal de dos, migraines, douleurs menstruelles...

The Love Connection: Intimacy, Health, and Longevity (infographic)

Pruebas y prácticas. Hojas dispersas: Besos.

Here are some really funny kissing facts. Learn some random facts about kissing. Is kissing good for your health? What was the longest kiss ever?

Colors by Culture - What does color mean to you. Fascinating look at what colors mean to people from different religions and countries.

What Does Color Mean To You

Believe it or not, colors do not mean the same thing in every culture and religion. This infographic provides a deeper look into the meaning of colors in different cultures and religions.

De 32 beroemdste bouwwerken ter wereld

INTRIGUING ARCHITECTURE long pin full of information about history of famous buildings across the centuries. DATES and names of ARCHITECTS included, as well as less known fascinating info some people call Pinned via Montbiz.

Differences in basic body language around the world | GLOBAL GLEANINGS: Culling Content on Global Education, Cultural IQ,, Sustainability, and Service. | Scoop.it

The shocking differences in basic body language around the world. Culture Shock-- When a newcomer experiences culture shock, he experiences more difficulty in learning the new language.

What does the colour of your car say about you? Fun guide - check what your car colour means.

Car colors I like silver & black (my last new in total) cars were black). Favourite colors are blue, purple and pink. Buying a pink car, hm, never gonna happen ;

Infografica sulla distribuzione mondiale delle lingue

Italian Architects Transform Ancient Cave Into a Modern Oasis

Say Hello in 50 different languages from 50 different countries - Infographic

Fun fact: if you wanted to say hello to everyone on the planet, you’d have to learn around 2800 languages!

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How to pack a suitcase infographic: Moving

When to Buy #Airline Tickets  Good advice for prospective travellers

When to Buy Airline Tickets

When to Buy Airplane Tickets and Book Flights! Airlines know our buying habits. Here's how to optimize your travel dollar.

Really good to know!! 30 ultimate tips to travel Europe on a budget

Travel Tuesday: How to Travel Europe on a Budget

30 ultimate tips to travel Europe on a budget Traveling with Kids, Traveling tips, Traveling