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Painted me a coffee mug this morning with this on it.ohhh coffee, I love you!

Kitchen COFFEEOLOGY, Hand Painted Primitive Wood Sign, Typography, Subway Art, Kitchen, Dawnspainting, Home Decor. $22.00, via Etsy.

Kitchen COFFEEOLOGY, Hand Painted Primitive Wood Sign that will go great with my coffee bar but in a smaller print


OCD: Obsessive Coffee Disorder - for all coffee lovers. Waiting for the Italian coffee machine that my mum is sending me xxx love you mum

Crying over spilled coffee

The tragedy of spilled coffee :). I spilled a whole cup on my desk today, drowned my mouse. What a mess, but fortunately, I had more coffee.


Let's be specific, coffee is usually a good idea; decaf coffee is always a good idea.


Any Questions asked while counting out scoops of coffee will be answered with louder counting.

Love My Morning Coffee ☕ Oh...and U if you bring ☕;)

Si me traes café sin tener que pedírtelo. ~ If you bring me coffee without having to ask. I LOVE you.

Love it! Thanks Neal Brothers and Kicking Horse Coffee :)

When life gives you lemons, throw the lemons back in life's face and say: "You know what, life? I didn't ask for lemons. I ordered an espresso.


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I may not cry over spilled milk, but. I'll lose my freakin' mind over spilled coffee!