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What happens when my horse sees a bunny. Me being Eugene/Finn Rider, and Ralph ( my gelding ) being her.

Hhahaha! - this is a must see blogg... "Where Good Intentions Come to Die!" Sleeping Beauty, Giggle, Nailed It, So True, Funny Stuff, Pinterest Fail, Sleepingbeauty, Disney

LOL SO TRUE POSTS - Funniest relatable posts on Tumblr... i love it how the guy in the back,i for gt his name, is agreeing like that guy is ma bff agreeing with me!

And you know you shouldn't laugh but you do and then you get a death glare from your friend that you know means, "You'll get yours." And you really laugh out loud then because it hits you all at once that you got your friend in trouble and revenge will probably hurt a lot but you don't care right now because it's all so funny...

i love adult humor in children's movies .. there were a lot in beauty and the beast!