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When you really want to slap someone...There are just some people you really want to do that to.....


Random Lol pics gallery (01:25:13 AM, Tuesday 31, March 2015 PDT) – 10 pics

I know we r gonna be best friends until we die. If we aren't, to me we r still best friends

I still do this

That is so funny! I can't stop laughing


If you're looking for perfection in a relationship, I'm not the woman for you. If you're looking for honesty, loyalty and a whole bunch of crazy, that's all me!


lol :)



NO easter candy formed against me shall prosper.

Finally, I place for husbands who don't have a clue.

Monica and Chandlers twins would be 10 this year, Emma 12, Phoebe's triplets 15, Ben 19. Let that sink in for a minute.


Discovery of today.

Like a boss!