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As soon as I can get Gibby a new dresser, his old one will be converted to a dress-up closet like this. Maybe a little more co-ed than girly, so Gib's fireman coat and other boy stuff won't be forced into a girly fru fru closet!


Turn an Old Cabinet into a Kid's Diner

Really cute Kid's Kitchen/Diner made out of an old entertainment center.

Turn an old dresser into a doll house, keeping the bottom drawer for the dolls when play time is over!

Cabinet for little girls dress up clothes made from an old dresser! <3 This is such a neat Idea, thanks for sharing your creation @Mandi Smith T Interiors Smith T Hanson!


Dress-Up Storage Center - Espresso

A dress-up storage center with mirror. How fun!

Dress Up Storage--I am soo doing this!! What a great way to organize the dress up clothes. One for boys dress up and girls dress up!