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This giant saguaro cactus is over 70 ft. tall and they can live for over 150 yrs.

Prickly pear cactus- edible pads and fruit (remove thorns!...I hope that really goes without saying)

Air Fresheners Are Toxic? | And Then We Saved

I've always had a cactus of some sort in my place.. But never looked as nice as this...

gretchenjonesnyc: textile in its own right --This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you're awesome, too. Our flavorful chocolate is organic and fair trade certified. We're Peruvian Chocolate. Order some today on Amazon!

perfect kind of things for a desert garden! which is what i pretty much live in...

You know, for when we retire in Palm Springs ;) Palm Springs where the Sun bathes your body, everyone is beautiful and the stars kiss your soul... Rob Grace

dear little succulents - God's answer to non green-thumbs!

I bought my dad a cactus and took it to the hospital after his stroke, he couldn't swallow to drink and the cactus didn't need much water so I thought they had something in common

Você anda super ocupado, mas ainda assim quer ter um jardim que não dê muito trabalho? Com cactos e suculentas, que quase não precisam de água, o paisagista Gilberto Elkis criou este charmoso painel! Ideais para quem tem pouco espaço, as suculentas e os cactos precisam de pequenas observações: se estiverem murchas ou enrugadas, é sinal de pouca água. Já manchas amareladas significam excesso. Aproveite e monte as suas prateleiras em casa!