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    This giant saguaro cactus is over 70 ft. tall and they can live for over 150 yrs.

    Prickly pear cactus- edible pads and fruit (remove thorns!...I hope that really goes without saying)

    There is probably nothing that describes 'Life' better than this... beautiful and yet thorns all the way

    Air Fresheners Are Toxic? | And Then We Saved

    I've always had a cactus of some sort in my place.. But never looked as nice as this...

    Cactus cardón, the world's tallest species of cactus.Otherwise known as the organpipe cactus. They grow near the Arizona/Mexico border.

    I fantasize about having a reading greenhouse full of cacti in my earthship or treehouse dream home

    You know, for when we retire in Palm Springs ;) Palm Springs where the Sun bathes your body, everyone is beautiful and the stars kiss your soul... Rob Grace

    ALWAYS WANTED A MINI CACTUS GARDEN! Tried to bring some back from Istanbul... It didn't work out so well.

    I bought my dad a cactus and took it to the hospital after his stroke, he couldn't swallow to drink and the cactus didn't need much water so I thought they had something in common