mini strawberry pies! | Danielle Davis

mini pumpkin pies

Individual Strawberry Shortcakes

mini hand pie

Wedding dessert ideas


single-serving banana puddings - yum! #wedding


This strawberry shortcake bar included homemade biscuits and whipped cream

Glacier Park Weddings | Mini pies for wedding dessert | Photo by Cluney Photo #vintagewedding #pie

how to make a pie dessert table & make it super memorable. (:

This is a thanksgiving dream of mine. @Katie Clark @Becky Haverkos lets make this happen.


Cute dessert table

signature drinks

tiny pie bar!

Chocolate and strawberry wedding cake!

mini candied apples. my goodness, how cute are these???

Pistachio-studded nougat, pink and purple macarons and flower-topped cupcakes covered the mirrored dessert table

what's your favorite pie?

fall dessert table {Jenny Cookies}