ANNESLEY HALL ~ Nottinghamshire, England - Originally built as a hunting lodge in 1156 - home to the infamous Chaworth-Musters family - there's even a rumor that Robin Hood once called the hall (empty since 1997 when it was severely damaged by fire) home - activity includes apparition of a young woman in the laundry room - a dark figure near the stairs - stones being violently thrown through the air - a floating lavender scent - orbs of light - snorting and whispering noises

BASKIN PARK HOTEL ~ Arkansas - After struggling to complete the hotel, it opened in 1905 - The owner died in 1907, but said to be seen wandering the halls in a brown suit and derby - Rumors of guests who have checked in and never left, including a young woman in a long, white dress who waits for her groom and the lion ghost - a young woman who tries to evict tenants from "her" room - Other activity includes the sounds of bells from the illegal gambling parlor

The Black Swan Hotel, Wiltshire - dates from 1737. It's alleged that the pub was once owned by highwayman Ambrose Saintsbury, and is said to be set in the town square where gallows once stood. In room 4 people have experienced tingling feelings, extreme temperature changes, apparitions and sighing noises. It's believed by some that the room is haunted by a young woman who was pregnant when she died. The apparition of a man in a top hat and shabby coat has also been seen in the restaurant.

Two women with a spirit The face of a young woman appears over the woman on the right of the photograph. The reverse of the photograph reads: 'Why is the child always pushing to the front?' and 'Do we get messages from the higher spirits?'; perhaps questions the women wanted answering. One of the sitters, at Hope's request, has signed the plate for authentication. Collection of National Media Museum

SOUTHERN MAINE TECHNICAL COLLEGE > Hillside Dorm ~ South Portland, ME - Long and strange history before becoming a dorm - Long ago, it served as a funeral home, a brothel and a nursing home - Because of the history it's difficult to determine who is haunting dorm and why - Reports of activity include > a mysterious man who wanders the attic ~ older lady ~ younger boy who messes with with residents' blankets at night ~ young woman in a nightgown who wanders the halls at night -- and more

DALHOUSIE CASTLE ~ Midlothian, Scotland - Haunted by the ghost of a young woman who starved herself to death when her parents forbid her to see the man she'd fallen in love with - She appears as a gray ghost often in the turrets and the dungeons - Also haunting the castle is the ghost of Alexander Ramsay - In 1342, he also starved to death and has been seen wandering the grounds both inside and outside the castle

GEORGETOWN HOTEL ~ Georgetown, CA - 1800's saloon style hotel - People who work there have reported seeing a female apparition upstairs in the rooms and hallway, as well as disembodied footfalls and cold spots

The King's Tavern, Natchez, MS - was built in the 1700s. There is a violent history including robbery and murder, and the activity at the tavern is vast. In the fireplace the murdered bodies of a young woman and two men were found. The fireplace is known to emanate heat when there is no fire burning. Other activity includes opening and closing doors, faucets turning on and off, apparitions, a sinister entity and the wails of a baby in the attic, EVPs and much more.

Real-Life Haunted Houses: These creaky homes and hotels have a hair-raising history they just can’t escape – and visitors that just won’t leave BY AMY SCHELLENBAUM. The Myrtles Plantation: Visitors of the St. Francisville, Louisiana plantation tell stories of a young woman wandering its halls wearing a distinctive green bonnet. It’s rumored to be the ghost of a young slave Chloe, who wore her bonnet to conceal a missing ear.

Swordfight at "Robin Hood Day" Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

Robin Hood Statue Photo by Experience Nottinghamshire

In the late 1830s, in a former town called Sprucevale, Ohio located along the banks of Beaver Creek, lived a young woman name Esther Hale. She had a small cottage near the Hambleton mill by the creek. Esther fell in love with a local man and was engaged to be married to him one summer afternoon. As the wedding date came, at the ceremony Esther waited patiently for her groom to arrive. However, after hours passed, he never showed. This would spell the end for Esther... Read the full story...

Pictures taken by Kevin Horkin at Gwrych Castle in Abergele, North Wales and may have captured a spirit. Kevin didn’t notice anything unusual until he downloaded the pictures to his PC. In one of the photos was the image of a pale young woman looking out a window. Amazingly, it’s impossible for anyone to stand at that particular window because the floor in the room is completely destroyed.

The Greenbrier Ghost is the name given to the ghost of a young woman in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, United States, who was murdered in 1897. The events surrounding the haunting have led to it becoming a very late instance in American legal history when testimony of a ghost was accepted at a murder trial.

The roads that wind around Blue Bell Hill are patrolled by many strange phantoms. This is the haunt of the UK’s most famous ‘phantom hitch-hiker’: a young woman who accepts lifts from motorists but who then vanishes from the car. She is believed to be the spirit of a girl killed in a road accident in the 1960s.

WYCHWOOD FOREST ~ England - Once part of larger Royal hunting grounds in Oxfordshire - People have reported activity here for years, such as the feeling of an unseen hand touching them on the shoulder - sights and sounds of a horse-drawn carriage carrying two sobbing children

Discover Robin Hood - Nottinghamshire England - Sherwood Forest

Legar Street House, Charleston, SC - was built near the end of the Revolutionary War by war widow, Mrs. Hayward. One morning she entered the library to find her son at the desk. She was surprised; he was supposed to be on a hunting trip. When she reached for him, he vanished into thin air. It was later discovered that he died around the same time his apparition appeared when his horse threw him. Since 1805 his ghost has been seen in the house staring out the window and in the library.

Nottingham Castle and Robin Hood Photo by Experience Nottinghamshire

Typically, the person who took the photo claims he realized there was something strange oooooonce he developed it blablablaaaablaaaah! I don't care if it's real or not, it's creepy and interesting, so it goddamn gets repinned into The Unexplaaaaained! :0

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