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Cone Tornado - Harper County, Kansas


Ice Storm

Ice & rocks

I am crazy about this shade of blue. It seems to only be found in the compacted, airless ice of glaciers. Just shows that God is the ultimate artist!

Frozen lake


Frosty Forests


Ice lanterns.. (by Ken Scott on Flickr)

The majestic splendor that is Antarctica.I want to visit here one day.Please check out my website thanks. www.photopix.co.nz


winterwald, Franconian Forest (Frankenwald) northern Bavaria, Germany. Photo: stephan_amm, via Flickr

Greenland iceberg

A moonbow (lunar rainbow or white rainbow) is the colorful orb surrounding the moon. It is best seen when the moon is full or close to being full since the more light the brighter the colors!

✯ Wind-sculpted, ice-laden tree

Mt. Seymour Provincial Park ~ North Vancouver, BC, Canada • Kevin McNeal on Flickr

rainbow Nacreous Clouds - Iceland - Polar stratospheric clouds or PSCs, also known as nacreous clouds (from nacre, or mother of pearl, due to its iridescence), are clouds in the winter polar stratosphere at altitudes of 15,000–25,000 meters. They are best observed during civil twilight when the sun is between 1 and 6 degrees below the horizon. They are implicated in the formation of ozone holes.


cirro-cumulo stratus clouds | ... by the refraction of light through ice crystals in cirrus clouds