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    • Lynn Ceteras Huerta ☀ Wardrobe Stylist

      minimalist bathing suit for men

    • Lori

      Baby Sideburns - hilarious. "So here’s the problem. If a black man wears the black one or a white man wears the peach one, it totally gets camouflaged. Wait, is that guy naked? Holy shit! Oh no wait, he’s wearing a penis cover. For a minute I was worried there."

    • Donna Rose Bayona

      Ready for Summer Guys?! Hit the beach with this socks....err..i mean, speedos...err, whatever this is! WTF! Hahahaha!

    • Dawn Fichtner

      The Dating Jungle Episode 4/29/13 – Cheaters & Mankinis - If you listened into our radio show last Tuesday night & were wondering what the Mankini was we discussed, here’s your visual! Would you wear this to the beach this summer?? I personally hope this trend stays in Europe & doesn’t squirm it’s way over to Florida beaches anytime soon! Listen to our podcast here on the Mankini, Cheaters & 10 Toxic People you Should Never Date.

    • Glenda Dawn Reid

      Hope I never see this at the beach...yuck!!!

    • christina ferraraccio

      Cock sock. holy shit. No...just no.

    • Sarah Rosario

      Stocking stuffer ideas! Lol...

    • R L

      I can't quit laughing...

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