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Funny, when I traveled to the deep South. I couldn't understand and they couldn't understand me. Can you say that again? Can you repeat that? I didn't quite catch that? What? We all speak english.... It's funny..

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"That's when you say "fuck you" and grow your hair out!"

Laughter is so powerful, a laugh or two a day keeps the doctor away. A belly laugh is good for the soul!

Good Advice, But If They Don’t Grow Up I Have To Keep Feeding Them | Funny Pictures & Photos | NickMom

I scream. You scream. The police come. It's awkward. Ice cream hall function

That dog seriously looks as though she is totally aware she is strut tin'! So funny!

This is so true! Very much an only child!!!

frosty the snowman, funny christmas pictures

Why do banks lock their pens to the desk? If I'm trusting you with my money, don't you think you can trust me with your pen?

It would come alive at night and eat your face off. But it would be very comfortable.