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7 Secrets on How to Budget Money Successfully

Some free stuff for all of you fellow makeup lovers! (A Beautiful Exchange Blog)

Budgeting Every Penny- How zero-based budgeting helps us pay off more debt

Pinner says- How and why we budget every penny! Zero-based budgeting will let you take charge of exactly where each dollar goes. You will pay off debt faster and save more by budgeting down to zero.

Does Living On A Budget Mean You're Broke

Some great food for thought here! Living on a budget for me means peace of mind, not something terrible and restricting! Sound and sage advice from someone who's been there! I love the final lesson.

5 Habits that are Killing your Budget

Check out these bad habits that are probably breaking your budget. Are you guilty of any of these? Change those bad habits and start noticing a difference in your budget.