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  • Hannah Hitt

    Such a neat classroom management idea!

  • Jocelyn {Aspen Branch Studio}

    I Need Help flip chart on every student's desk. Cuts down on having 35 hands up and saying "I neeeeed help!"

  • Lizz Bulfer

    while it's a teaching idea, it could be used by children during homework time... that way you don't get the "mom. mom! MOM!" thing

  • Kimberly Randall

    A classroom idea I could totally use in a high school class.

  • Jennifer Toperzer

    "I need help" mini flip books. Jefferson friends, don't you think we need a make-and-take?

  • Kimberly Howard

    I Need Help Mini Flip Chart Set - use cups instead,but put labels with these sayings on them.

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Noise Meter is a cool way to remind students the correct noise level that they should be using! A.C.

The Nine Parts of Speech Three little words you often see, Are articles - a, an, and the. A noun's the name of anything As school, garden, hoop, or swing. An adjective tells the kind of noun - Great, small, pretty, white, or brown. Instead of nouns the pronouns stand - Her head, his face, your arm, my hand. Verbs tell of something to be done, To read, sing, jump, or run. How things are done the adverbs tell, As slowly, quickly, ill, or well. Conjunctions join words together, As men and women, wind or weather. The prepositions stands before A noun, as at or through the door. The interjection shows surprise, As ah! how pretty --- Oh! how wise. The whole are called nine parts of speech, Which reading, writing, speaking teach. The poem The Nine Parts of Speech was written by Green Baker in 1865 or 1866

Interesting idea...this part could really be helpful "By keeping a record of how the social talking in inhibiting learning, you'll be better able to communicate your concerns to the student and, if it should prove necessary, his parents. It's going to be tough for any parent to justify social talking when they see that their son has filled out 10 Yellow Slips with "I was talking to (student's name) instead of working on my assignment." That's a pretty powerful message."

Hand Signal - Classroom Management. I really like this management style! Great way to stop classroom interruptions.

I use this in my classroom, but I definitely need to start calling Voice Level 1 "spy talk". It's MUCH cooler than whispering! (If anyone has never heard of this before, I HIGHLY recommend it! It took a couple of weeks for my kids to get the hang of it, but now they ask me what voice level they are allowed to be at for certain activities. It's AMAZING!)

I like this end of the year poem. "You're such a star"

Bravo Behavior- when the entire table has bravo behavior, the teacher will choose a student to shade in 1 square. 3 shaded squares equals a prize

I'm not sure why I still have to say this. Maybe a poster & cute saying will help them remember.

make your parent handbook stand out. put a magnet strip on the back for easy fridge sticking.

I love the specific choices... Would be quick but give parents good info! I would have to simplify it by a lot for Kindergarten :)