Fun toddler activities

Baby/toddler fun

toddler fun

Super fun coat hangers for the kids!

Lots of great crafts, ideas, and activities

>DIY slime, sensory play, messy play, colour learning, texture and touch learning

Mess Free Finger Painting! Put it in a Ziploc bag, tape it down. No mess activity, and no risk of her eating paint :)

fun fall art idea - paint with walnuts!

marshmallow painting.

Compass Painting ~ a fun and playful way to combine math and art!

fun idea

30 young boy crafts - I especially like the activity cube and color find/search that can work with boys or girls

Fun toddler crafts


Mess-Free Finger Painting with a Plastic Bag

Toddler activities

Fun toddler activities

Art projects and crafts that are perfect for the tough toddler age. 30 craft and art activities that a toddler will love. How have you gotten creative with your toddler?

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Fun crafts for toddlers