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The Scarlet Macaw is the most spectacular species of parrot as colors are concerned. The national symbol of Honduras, this large parrot is perhaps the one bird companion any home in the world would like to have. Looks like parrots are gorgeous birds .

Eclectus Parrot by Ucumari

Female Eclectus Parrot - Eclectus roratus is a parrot native to the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, northeastern Australia and the Maluku Islands (Moluccas).

Jurong Bird Park - Jurong Bird Park is one of the most renowned bird sanctuaries with some of the largest free-flying aviaries in the world. There is lots of fun for children especially at Birdz of Play with wet and dry playzones for families with kids of all ages. Toddlers and kids can wade in the shallow pool... - http://www.ifeelsingapore.com/listing/jurong-bird-park-2/

Experience Africa right in Singapore with a visit to Jurong Bird Park, which has the world's largest walk-in aviary and over free-flying birds native to Africa.

‘Lutino’ Blue and Gold Macaw.. i want one of every color! :D

‘Lutino’ Blue and Gold Macaw. The Blue and Gold Macaw is from South America.


Currently Bristol has only two macaws, with only one on show. This is our male Scarlet Macaw ‘Rio’, who members of the public can meet most.