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    "PEMDAS" "P to the E to the M to the D to A to the S. Don't stress!" Bob your head to the song in this video and you will never forget the Order Of Operations.

    Awesome way to learn about the Solar System!~ "Not only will this song stick with you all day, it will also teach you about the solar system!"

    "Subtraction Action" Perfect for Kindergarten,1st, and 2nd graders! My kids love this! Who says that math has to be boring? Add, subtract, sing, and dance...let's have some fun!

    Parts of Speech: Here's a great song to sing and dance to, as you learn the various parts of speech.

    Check out this song about the circulatory system! What a fun way to learn!

    Awesome way to teach your kids the days of the week! In the traditional "B-I-N-G-O" style, we have created a fun sing-along to help learn the days of the week.

    "Butterfly"-A beautiful country-pop song about the butterfly's life-cycle. Kids love learning thru music!!

    This is our KlabLab theme song! "It's the KlabLab" ..."You don't need a classroom to expand your mind...You'll love learning in the KlabLab!!!"

    The first KlabLab song I heard. (It was stuck in my head for weeks!) Point proven. You will never forget what you learn with music!!! This is why KlabLab will help so many students! This is why I believe in KlabLab!

    This fun song will help you learn how to factor binomials. Klablab worked closely with some teachers in the Math Department in Livermore, California to come up with this tune.

    "Chew It Up" Here is a fun song about eating food and digestion!

    Welcome to KlabLab!! Have fun learning with us! Check it out!