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    stone steps

    Very neat stone steps >> great for hillsides where the stepping stones just slide down the hill!

    installing the steps into the hillside DIY. Wish I had a hillside in my backyard....maybe I can create one

    Stone steps

    How to Build Stone Steps Into a Hill by cottagestylegardens #Landscape_Design #Stone_Steps

    Beautiful stone steps

    Stone steps

    How to install stone walkway: Step 1 : Lay out the path. Step 2 : Fill the bed with gravel and sand. Step 3 : Make a trial layout. Step 4 : Cut and place the stones. Step 5 : Check for flatnes. Step 6 : sweep masonā€™s sand into the joints with a stiff brush or broom. Materials you'll need : Landscape fabric, Stones, Bedding sand, Masonā€™s sand, Gravel.

    Stone steps give the backyard a rustic look #landscaping

    Amanda Bowls .... Just looking at them makes me happy!

    Concrete Steps made to look natural

    Stone steps

    Slate steps with river rocks - incorporating found objects with those purchased in design.

    Stone Steps Mosaic Garden Design Succulents planted along the sides

    Beautiful outdoor stairs and landscaping steps allow to walk comfortably without the risk of stepping on your flowers even if your garden sits on a slope. Using the salvaged wooden beams, thick wood boards, square or rounds cuts from tree trunks requires the least amount of preparation work and effort compared to all other typical garden stair design materials, like bricks, cement, gravel, sand and stones.

    Gorgeous stone steps flanked by a lovely garden

    stepping stones

    Dry stream. I did this at my last house. Buried rain spouts collectively drained into stone creek bed. creek bed drained into commercial drain where 4 properties met. It looked beautiful and no erosion.

    dry stacked stone wall

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    Love the stone slab steps