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Sitting in the way-way back of the station wagon!

Metal seat belts & vinyl seats... not at all practical on hot summer days! Ouch!

70s lawn furniture...spent many summer days laying out in the backyard on one of these...

brownie handbook <3

Cars used to have a bench front seat. AND a huge steering wheel.

Roller Rinks.. Learning to skate backwards was SOOO Important!!!

Remember these?

Look a station wagon....cave person's SUV...

Loved this!

ULTRA RARE Vintage Tin Friction Ford Custom Ranch : Lot 435

Yep! The round one for the door & the square one for the ignition.

Vintage - Toys

I remember the gas station attendants wearing these on their belts.

Child car seat

Candy Cigarettes! Always looked for these at gas stations on road trips when I was little!

1950s McDonald's - 15 cents!!

The 1970s Van Customization Craze

omg...wearing 2 or 3 of these socks, all different colors....yes. i remember 8th grade lol

I had a green one

The fun of talking on an old fashioned phone... kids from today will never know.

I LOVED THIS SHOW!!!! It is one of my all-time favorites