Sitting in the way-way back of the station wagon!

How we rode in cars.

Roller Rinks.. Learning to skate backwards was SOOO Important!!!

Wood paneling, heavy box TVs that look like a piece of furniture (with clunky dials for VHF and UHF), bunny ear antennas and tchotchkes. :) The good old days!

my uncle had one of these in his gas station in the mid 60's.

Captain Kangaroo! Mr Moose!! Mr. Green Jeans! I would pretend I was sick so I could stay home and watch this!

Remember these?

Metal seat belts & vinyl seats... not at all practical on hot summer days! Ouch!

70s lawn furniture...spent many summer days laying out in the backyard on one of these...

White Leather Lace-Up Baby Walking shoes 1950's -1980's.

Loved this!

covering textbooks with brown paper grocery bags

I loved these things when I was a kid.

I remember the gas station attendants wearing these on their belts.

Favorite after school show

8 yrs of my life and a whole lot of camping and cookies

Nostalgia Time: Revisiting The Past

red wagons

Vintage Transistor radio. I had a red one and would listen to a station out of Chicago featuring Wolfman Jack.

Banana seat bike

Pick a number, pick a color, tell your fortune...cootie catchers were fun. Folding them up and writing the numbers and fortunes were the best parts!