• Kara Skinner

    not necessarily a quote but this guy deserves a medal and the best boyfriend award. find a guy who calls you something other than "hot"

  • Bradlea Beard

    This guy is awesome! I need a boyfriend like him asap... OMG I give me a boy like this.. right meowwwwww

  • Sharon Boyd

    I want a man who thinks of me like this (the boyfriend defense not the guy who spells hot funny)

  • Staci Hallman

    PREACH. guys, take notes. IM IN LOVE WITH WHO EVER THIS MAN IS!!

  • anna marsden

    I want a friend who will say this and mean it xx I hope my crush says this website about me 1 day

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(xo)..I just wish some people would try to understand what this BOARD IS ABOUT. First it is about having manners and TREATING PEOPLE KINDLY..The rest is to tell you to stop copying ALL MY BOARDS AND MY FRIENDS BOARDS..GET CREATIVE DO IT YOURSELF AND DO NOT STEAL FROM ANYONE..SOME HAVE COPIED THE NAMES of boards, all the PINS and tried to pass if off as their own..UNTIL IT IS DONE TO YOU...YOU ARE CLUELESS! KARMA works it way in

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Bahaha love the last line


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Funny ... Love the look on this hippo's face!


Is It Even On


13 Majors In The Emperor’s New College

Although i definitely care about my grades and always want straight a's.... this is still awesome! :) you must sing it to get the effect of its awesome ;)


This needs to be a thing


This is hilarious!


A Cute #Husky Raised By Cats #siberianhusky #dogs

Do You Need Assistance Human? // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures


kid wisdom


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That's so perfect haha

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