• Lindsey Denton

    This is probably my favorite bad tattoo of all time! there is nothing better than a Patrick Swayze centaur.... Nothing....

  • Connor G. Keith

    Patrick Swayze from the SNL Chip'N'Dales skit. As a centaur. With rainbows. As a tattoo. Right. xx

  • Angela Woerner

    Chippendales Patrick Swayze centaur double rainbow..... People should really think out their tattoos better... Besides Chris Farley was hotter in that skit ;)

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ghost! love this movie

WARCHILD Patrick swayze Point break

Because hello I heart Patrick Swayze. :: You Drive Me Swayze Card by Urban Outfitters

flic.kr/p/bD6kWg | TV Guide #1701 | November 2, 1985. Patrick Swayze, Wendy Kilbourne, James Read, and Lesley-Anne Down of the ABC miniseries "North and South."

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dirty dancing quote- best movie in the world

Road House: I don't know about Buddha or Jesus or what have you---what I really want to know is "What would Dalton do?" A) Be nice; B) quote Nietzsche or C) kick a$$

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She's Like the Wind - Patrick Swayze....he wrote it for his wife Lisa ❤

chris farley, patrick swayze chippendales

point break- one of the best movies of all time !

Roadhouse. Great advice from Swayze. :-)

Ghost: Final Scene: Patrick Swayze. Light often is a signal of death, as in walking off into the light.

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner"

Patrick Swayze chooses the ever popular shirtless look. | 21 Pics Of People Wearing Horrifically Ugly Overalls (I'd like to know what is wrong with this look. Ha)

--Patrick Swayze I live my life by this. Open heart, open mind, no walls. Miracle.

Patrick Swayze - She's Like the Wind. By far one of the best written songs of the 1980's.

Nobody puts Baby in the Corner Tee ♥ #dirtydancing #swayze


The Road House mullet - one of Patrick Swayze's best. Via IMDB

I automatically read and pronounced this in a Bostonian accent... I think I've been hanging with Shannon too much ;)

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