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Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo #face. Beautiful freckles.

"She puts her hands on each side of my face and the room falls away. I have never gotten so lost in a kiss. The space between us explodes. My heart keeps missing beats and my hands cannot bring her close enough to me. I have loved before, but it didn’t feel like this. I have kissed before, but it didn’t burn me alive...even if I did not know it until now, I have been waiting for this person forever." by Kerrianne Coombes -

A friend is always good to have but a lover's kiss is better than angels raining down on me. Dave Matthews

“To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anesthesia. To mistake an ordinary young man for a Greek god or an ordinary young woman for a goddess.” Author Unknown <3

Hopeless Romantic. xx Dressed to Death xx #photography #BlackAndWhite #art #fashion #model