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100 karmasutra sex positions The G-Force For the G-Force sex position, she lies down on her back and pulls her knees close to her chest. He kneels up in front of her, grabbing hold of her feet. Thrusting his hips forward he can penetrate her while controlling the movement and supporting her balance. Looking to add even more "God-that’s-good" action? She can put her feet on his chest and have him hold on to her hips — it’ll give him extra control and let him plunge even deeper. Oh yeah baby.

100 karmasutra sex positions The Proposal The Proposal sex position takes a bit of practice and good aim! Kneeling face-to-face, he puts his left foot on the ground in front of him (like he's proposing) and she puts her right foot on the ground and nudges closer. Penetration can be made by leaning forward. This is the perfect position for a slow, upright romp.

100 karmasutra sex positionsThe Side Saddle He lies on his back with his legs spread slightly apart and his head propped up with a pillow. She sits across him with her legs to one side and keeps her knees close together. Sitting on top of his thighs or in his lap, she leans back on her arms for maximum support. As he enters her, she opens her legs slightly and begins making slow, swivelling corkscrew motions that will drive him wild.

100 karmasutra sex positions The Sideways Samba For the Sideways Samba sex position she lies on her side on the bed or floor, turned away from her partner with her legs straight out in front of her at a ninety-degree angle (in an L shape). He lies behind her on his side in a modified spoon position to enter her then raises his torso with his arms, placing his topmost hand on the other side of her body next to her chest and turning slightly. He controls the motion as he moves in and out of her.

100 karmasutra sex positionsThe Butterfly The key to the Butterfly sex position is the angle. She lies on her back on a suitable piece of furniture. He stands before her and she slips her legs over his shoulders. She puts her arms and hands down so she can lift her hips up while he grabs her bottom to give her added lift. As long as he's strong enough he can then move into her at the perfect angle

100 karmasutra sex positions The Thigh Master He lies on his back with his legs bent up and apart. She straddles one of his thighs with her back to him. She holds on to his knee, and lowers herself onto him. In the Thigh Master sex position, her stomach is almost touching his bent knee; she can use it for support and leverage as she rocks back and forth, and up and down. Sexy stuff

100 karmasutra sex positions The Sidekick The woman starts with her back to her partner. She lies down on her side and he kneels behind her facing towards her head. He slides the knee that's furthest from her head between her legs and then enters her. She moves her top leg and extends it slightly in front of her to give better balance and to give him a better view. He holds on to her hips as he thrusts side on.

100 karmasutra sex positions if the bed or desk is low, he can kneel on the floor. He can grip her feet for leverage, which will give him the extra stability he needs to thrust more deeply.

100 karmasutra sex positionsThe Mermaid Mermaid it up with this cracking sex position. The woman lies face up on the edge of a bed, desk, or counter top. She places a pillow under her bum to get some elevation then she extends her legs straight up, keeping them close together. She can put her hands under the pillow to raise the pelvis even higher, use them to hold on to the counter or desk for leverage, or keep them free. He then enters her while standing up;

100 karmasutra sex positions The Stair Master You'll need some stairs for this cheeky sex position. She kneels in front of her partner on the staircase (choose the lower stairs!). While she reaches up to hold on to each side of the banister for support (or to the stairs themselves), he holds her hips while he penetrates her from behind. You can use the Stair Master sex position for anal sex too. Choices, choices...

100 karmasutra sex positionsThe Lap Top He sits back in a roomy chair with a pillow placed under his knees to elevate them. She straddles him, lowering herself onto him then puts her ankles over his shoulders so they rest on the back of the chair. He helps to support her by holding her round the small of her back. Once he's entered her, she sets the rocking in motion by pushing her feet against the top of the chair as he thrusts by pulling her hips toward him.

100 karmasutra sex positions The Magic Mountain First of all construct your "mountain" out of a pile of pillows. The woman kneels in front of the pillows and leans forward over it. He kneels behind her, his legs on the outside and penetrates her deeply. Make sure you use firm pillows for the Magic Mountain sex position

100 karmasutra sex positionsThe Y Curve To achieve the Y Curve sex position she lies facedown on the bed, then scoots her body forward so her head and torso hang over the side, palms on the floor. The man positions himself over her and enters from behind, his legs inside hers. He can hold on to her hips for leverage to allow him to keep his head and shoulders raised high instead of resting on her back.

The Glowing Triangle At first glance, the Glowing Triangle position looks like plain old missionary position - woman on her back and the man on top. However the trick with this position is that the man goes on all fours then the woman lifts her hips towards his penis so that he can penetrate her. The man remains in this position while the woman does all the work... so actually not like the missionary at all.100 karmasutra sex positions

100 karmasutra sex positionsThe Lustful Leg The couple start approximately shoulder width apart facing each other. The woman places one leg up onto the bed. The man then bends his knees to bring his shoulder under her leg so she can rest her foot on his shoulder. She puts her arms around his neck so she can lean back and he holds on to her hips as he straightens up slowly to penetrate her. She extends her leg and straightens it as much as possible while he gently pulses into her.

100 karmasutra sex positions The Seduction In the Seduction sex position she starts off on her knees and then leans back - ankles under her bum, arms abover her head. Kneeling over her, the man penetrates her with his legs straight out behind him and his weight is supported on his forearms. He can then use circular motions or thrusts to pleasure her.

100 karmasutra sex positionsThe Shoulder Holder She lies back with a pillow under her head, her legs in the air as straight and high as possible. He kneels in front and grips her legs putting them over one of his shoulders. He leans forward, and enters her.He can place his hands on the bed or floor on either side of your torso for support.

100 karmasutra sex positions The Squat Balance The woman stands on the bed or a sturdy stool, the man stands behind her. From here, he places his hands on her bottom so that she can "sit" down and lean against his chest. Now he can penetrate her from behind, and she can brace herself on his arms as he supports her weight.

When the time comes, she puts her hands on either side of his torso and leans forward onto her knees. She inches him toward the edge of the bed until his head, shoulders, and arms hang backward over the side. She then leans back again and bobs up and down to bring them both to climax. Technical but totally amazing.

100 karmasutra sex positionsThe Supernova The Supernova sex position begins in the standard woman-on-top position on a made bed (don’t get under the covers.) He should have his head near the foot of the bed. She faces him and gets into a deep squatting position with her knees bent and feet planted on the bed as he enters her. She leans back, supporting her weight on her arms behind her and rides him until close to climax.

100 karmasutra sex positions The Landslide She lies down on her stomach, propped up on forearms and with legs straight and slightly apart. He sits right behind with his legs in front of him and his hands on either side of his body for support. He leans back at a 45-degree angle to her body so he can penetrate her from behind. As he rocks forward and back, she brings her legs together for a tight fit.

100 karmasutra sex positions then put the passion on a low simmer with legs intertwined and chests pressed against one another. Slowly build back up to an even more incredible climax.

The Zen Pause The Zen Pause sex position provides a quiet moment in the middle of an extra intense session. When on the brink of the Big O, take a break from whatever heart-pounding position you’re in and try this out as a horny holding position. The man and the woman both roll onto their sides, face-to-face (if possible, he stays inside her the entire time),

The Rowing Boat To get into this position the man starts by lying back so the woman can sit down slowly on to his penis. The man then sits up, bring his knees and torso up so that the couple are face to face and his knees are on the outside of her body. She should also have her knees bent up so her legs are outside his and she can wrap her legs around him. He slips his arms under her knees and she slips her hands under his knees and round her thighs so that she can grip his hands.

The Shoulder Stand Start the Shoulder Stand sex position with her lying flat on the ground face up. She uses her hands to support her lower back and lifts her legs and backside way, way up until she's in a shoulder stand position. The man kneels before her, grabbing her ankles and bringing his knees to her shoulders. He holds her hips and she holds his hands to stabilise. She holds his thighs for leverage and adjusts the angle of penetration. With this position it's best to go slow.