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    butterflies. WOW!


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    blue birds

    Fuji Volcano, Japan, Asia, Geography, Cherry Blossom...this is absolutely breathtaking


    Incredible photo

    Daisies and Butterflies

    wow wish i could be there enjoying that! so beautiful! Deer are adorable!


    ♂ Taiwan Blue Magpie | Amazing Nature

    Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies... Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies... Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies...

    multi-colored butterfly

    Emerald Butterflies

    MORPHO BUTTERFLY — have ears on their wings Morpho didius © m0nz0 Scientists thought butterflies were deaf until 1912 when the first butterfly ears were identified. Only in the past decade or so have researchers examined the anatomy and physiology of butterfly ears, which they are finding to be quite diverse and present in several butterfly species. The latest discovery was made with the blue morpho butterfly.

    Queen Butterfly

    Papillio Ulysess in a courtship flight -- by robmac

    Beautiful Butterflies


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