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21st interesting old pictures

I am so glad this is a photo from years gone bye...(in a weird way this photo is sort of nice). An idea never to return, I hope!

funny nuns pictures | Being a nun can be fun (35 Photos) » funny-nuns-fun-awesome-14

Fibonacci, was an Italian mathematician, considered by some "the most talented western mathematician of the Middle Ages. Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the following integer sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 ,55, 89, 144...They also appear in biological settings, such as branching in trees, arrangement of leaves on a stem, the fruit spouts of a pineapple,the flowering of artichoke, an uncurling fern and the arrangement of a pine cone..

I am just in awe of the amount of height this young lady has in this picture. I wonder if he somehow tossed her or if she made this leap on her own...?

I got my first pentax several years ago. I am still learning, but I want to get better at taking beautiful pictures cause there is NOTHING better than film.

World Of Mysteries: Old Photos (100 Pics)

We should put this outside where I many people smoke where they're not supposed to...

Shocked? Well, how the hell else is the kid going to learn how to smoke, except from Gramma? circa 1950 photobooth