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1999 London - "Mr. Unknown sped back into the house and grabbed his video camera. He was hoping to film the UFO before it disappeared, but instead he filmed what he claimed to be a type of small, ghost-like beings who seemed to be rummaging around behind his fence. The total length of the film was about four (4) minutes. The strange beings made a sound which was barely audible, and somewhat muffled. The sounds of the small beings had attracted him to the area. Mr Unknown was frank in…

D-Day by the Numbers - A fascinating and sobering look at the realities of the D-Day invasion 70 years ago.

Mel's Hole, Just outside of Ellensburg, WA. 9 ft in diameter with 15ft of brick down the sides of the walls, earth hole continues down at an unknown depth. Not known where it leads or ends.Some call it the "Highway to Hell" and that it has the professed ability to bring dead animals back to life amongst other speculations

As if the post mortem photos aren't creepy enough with the subjects posed and dressed artfully to look somewhat life-like. This one is horrifying.

Giant Griffin, Persian, circa 516-465 BC Early references to griffins are found in ancient Persian and Egyptian mythology.

Akhenaton - meaning "living spirit of Aten" known before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV was a Pharaoh (King) of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt who ruled for 17 years. His queen was Nefertiti. Akhenaton died perhaps in 1336 BC or 1334 BC.

The “Ningen” — which translates as “human” in Japanese — was so dubbed by the Pacific fishermen who claimed to have seen the colossal creature in the 1990s. The men were astounded by the size of this monster and even more shocked by this beast’s distinctly humanoid form. Said to be between 60 and 90-feet in length, the Ningen has been described as being a humongous, “blubbery, whale-like creature,” whose smooth, pale form vaguely resembles the head, torso and appendages of a human being.

This creature was found by Russian soldiers on Sakhalin shoreline. Sakhalin area is situated near to Japan, it’s the most eastern part of Russia, almost 5000 miles to East from Moscow. People don’t know what is it. According to the bones and teeth – it is not a fish. According to its skeleton – it’s not a crocodile or alligator. It has a skin with hair or fur. It has been said that it was taken by Russian special services for in-depth studies.

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– MAY BE A TRUTH, MAY BE LIES…(The Truth is Out There). Second part

Unknown artifact found in Antarctic, no longer viewable on google earth.

La Llorona - The Weeping Woman. A creepy legend that also serves as a great way to keep children away from bodies of water after dark.

Frog entombed in stone. There have been around 90 documented cases of frogs found in geods. They appear to be thousands rather than millions of years old. The frogs are encased in mucous and are pale. They come to life on exposure to air and usually die in a couple of days.

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Caral, a city as old as Mesopotamia!

Caral, Peru* Ancient civilization in the Americas, -Norte Chico civilization. The ruins date back over 5,000 years, which means there were cities and life in Peru around the same time as Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

September 13, 2012 - Pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic, according to a news article on A team of 8 explorers from America and Europe claim to have found evidence of three man made pyramids ‘peaking’ through the melting ice

"On June 27 in 1969, workmen cutting into a rock shelf situated on the Broadway Extension of 122nd Street, between Edmond Oklahoma City, found an inlaid tile floor 3 ft below the surface, and covering several thousand square ft. A form of mortar was found between the tiles. IT WAS DATED AT OVER 200,000 YEARS OLD! Still believe that we've only be here 250,000 years?"

Pueba de viaje en el Tiempo? : En el año 2008, una tumba China fue abierta despues de 400 años del hallazgo. Cuando removieron del ataud la ropa que allí había, algo metalico cayo al suelo. Descubrieron un reloj anillo de arena y roca incrustada marcando las 10:06 con un incripción; "Swiss" tallada detras.