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The Ningen are creatures that just recently started being spotted by Japanese fishermen. Some describe the creatures as being albino, somewhat shaped like a human and up to 90 feet in length. What could the Ningen be? Some have speculated that they are giant, albino rays, while others have somewhat odder theories, i.e. aliens, water demons, aliens, and other. With so little known about the ocean the Ningen can't simply be dismissed, but whether or not they truly exist is still a mystery.

Rosalia Lombardo, a two-year-old Sicilian girl who died of pneumonia in 1920. "Sleeping Beauty," as she's known, appears to be merely dozing beneath the glass front of her coffin in the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italy.


Top 10 Features of Women Over 1,000 Years Old

As the wife of the ruler of Dai, Xin Zhui led a life of luxury 2,000 years ago in China. When that life ended at the age of 50, she was wrapped in 20 layers of fine silk, submerged in an “elixir of immortality,” encased in four coffins, surrounded by five tons of charcoal, and entombed fifty feet underground. The body of the “Lady of Dai” has been declared the best-preserved mummy ever seen, with blood that is still liquefied, organs that are still intact, and limbs that are still flexible.

Were the Woodwoses of medieval legend a British equivalent of Bigfoot? In medieval art and literature there are many references to savage, hairy creatures, part man and part beast. They are known as ‘Woodwoses’, from the Anglo-Saxon meaning ‘man-of-the-wood’.

The Codex Gigas. The largest medieval manuscript in existence, created by a single scribe in the early 13th century. Sometimes called “The Devil’s Bible” because of a large unexplained picture of him. Lavishly illustrated. Just the writing alone, not counting the illustrations, would have taken five years of constant writing to complete

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10 lesser-known U.S. monsters and cryptids

Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp (South Carolina) This reptilian humanoid cryptid is described as being 7 feet tall, bipedal and having scaly lizard skin, and it’s said to live in the swamplands in Lee County, S.C. The first reported sighting of the creature was in 1988 when 17-year-old Christopher Davis saw the creature running toward him while he was changing a tire beside Scape Ore Swamp. Davis got in his car to escape, but the Lizard Man jumped onto the roof and clung to it as the teen…

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Mysterious stone structure found beneath Sea of Galilee

.Mysterious stone structure found beneath Sea of Galilee

Sea Maiden by Roggles (deviantART)

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– MAY BE A TRUTH, MAY BE LIES…(The Truth is Out There). Second part

Unknown artifact found in Antarctic, no longer viewable on google earth.

The “Ningen” — which translates as “human” in Japanese — was so dubbed by the Pacific fishermen who claimed to have seen the colossal creature in the 1990s. The men were astounded by the size of this monster and even more shocked by this beast’s distinctly humanoid form. Said to be between 60 and 90-feet in length, the Ningen has been described as being a humongous, “blubbery, whale-like creature,” whose smooth, pale form vaguely resembles the head, torso and appendages of a human being.

Pueba de viaje en el Tiempo? : En el año 2008, una tumba China fue abierta despues de 400 años del hallazgo. Cuando removieron del ataud la ropa que allí había, algo metalico cayo al suelo. Descubrieron un reloj anillo de arena y roca incrustada marcando las 10:06 con un incripción; "Swiss" tallada detras.

Lurking in the halls of Buddhist temples and museums across Japan are a host of monster mummies -- the preserved remains of demons, mermaids, kappa, tengu, raijū, and even human monks. Here are a few remarkable specimens for the adventurous and brave at heart.

"On June 27 in 1969, workmen cutting into a rock shelf situated on the Broadway Extension of 122nd Street, between Edmond Oklahoma City, found an inlaid tile floor 3 ft below the surface, and covering several thousand square ft. A form of mortar was found between the tiles. IT WAS DATED AT OVER 200,000 YEARS OLD! Still believe that we've only be here 250,000 years?"

The Baltic Sea Anomaly - 2014, 14,000 Year Fossilized UFO/USO crash site, Shag Harbour Incident, Stunning Discoveries | Beyond Science


Mysterious 'horned' sea monster washes ashore in Spain

A mysterious sea creature featuring what appear to be horns on its head was discovered in the advanced stages of decomposition along the shoreline of Luis Siret Beach in Villaricos, Spain, on Thursday August 21, 2013. It stretches 13 feet from top to bottom and the "horns" are thought to be bones that have fallen out of place although sea life specialists cannot identify the creature...

" All experts say the same thing, namely that the blue stone does not exist because it is not even similar to any type of rock known in nature of this planet!"