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NINGEN- sea creature of the Antarctic

Humanoids of the Antarctic Before I say anything, I just want to tell you how much this creeps me out Not the way a giant sea monster would creep you out, but something far more elusive. I’m talking about the ningen, a humanoid creature of the Antarctic. The world first heard of the ningen from Japan after pictures shot from “whale research ships” spotted them. Their name translates to ‘human’ in Japanese. They are said to be completely white, about 20-30 meters in length, and have human lik...

Annunaki Bird Flying Being Consciousness Merkabah

"A 9,500-year-old bracelet has been analysed using the very latest computers - and the results show that it is so intricate even today's craftsmen would struggle to improve it"

Humanoid Body Discovered in Iran

A 3 year old girl named Carrie who died in 1887 has been haunting the roads leading east out of Washington, North Carolina for well over a hundred years now. She is always seen in the pale yellow dress she was buried in, and has actually caused tragic car accidents in 1966 and 1989 due to people trying to avoid hitting her apparition. People have often reported her to the local police, only to be told not to worry once her description is noted.

Chile 2013. --- "The Sirius documentary was finally released and the question as to whether the Atacama humanoid is an extraterrestrial has been resolved, at least according to the scientist who analyzed the DNA, and the results are that he is human. However, the mystery doesn’t end there. Although, it is not an extraterrestrial, their findings show it may have been a 6-inch Chilean human that survived for 6 to 8 years..."

On Sept. 8, 1863 a fair-skinned stranger believed to be in his 20s was found by two fishermen at Sandy Cove in Digby County Canada. Both of the man’s legs had been freshly amputated and a jug of water and some bread had been placed nearby. The man was unable or unwilling to speak and is said to have uttered no more than two or three words after being found. One of the words was thought to have been Jerome and he was soon given that name. Jerome was filled with rage when certain words ...

Maya Lizard Humanoid Creature found in Yucatan

Giant skeleton

Mel's Hole, Ellensburg, Washington. This nine-foot-wide bottomless hole on Mel Waters’s former property is awash in mystery. Waters reported sinking a fishing line some 15 miles into the pit in an attempt to find the bottom. He never found it. He also claimed the abyss would shoot black rays and could bring animals back to life; a neighbor tossed a dead dog into the hole only to have it return, alive, from out of the woods.

Google earth reveals strange Antarctic entrances – what was / is in there?

Frog entombed in stone. There have been around 90 documented cases of frogs found in geods. They appear to be thousands rather than millions of years old. The frogs are encased in mucous and are pale. They come to life on exposure to air and usually die in a couple of days.

" All experts say the same thing, namely that the blue stone does not exist because it is not even similar to any type of rock known in nature of this planet!"

Hieroglyphs out of water, Alexandria, Egypt

Living Stones Of Costesti Costesti, a small Romanian village, has some interesting and incredible stones known as trovants, these mysterious stones is that they grow as if they are alive after coming into contact with water from a heavy rainfall and these stones tend to grow from 6-8 millimeters to 6 -10 millimeters in size.

Evidence Of Atlantis Existence | Lost city of Atlantis believed found off Spain - Technology & science ...

September 13, 2012 - Pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic, according to a news article on Scienceray.com. A team of 8 explorers from America and Europe claim to have found evidence of three man made pyramids ‘peaking’ through the melting ice

1500 Year Old Bible Claims Jesus Was Not Crucified, Vatican In Awe

Photo of the “Llullaillaco Maiden”, a 15 year old girl sacrificed during the Inca Empire for both purposes of religious rite and social control. She was chosen a year prior to her death, fed a ritualistic diet for an approximate twelve months to make her gain weight, then was drugged and left on the shrine at Volcano Llullaillaco, where she was left to die of exposure. For five hundred years, her body had been preserved at 82 ft. She is considered to be the best preserved Andean mummy uncove...