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Over the past few years, rumors have circulated in Japan about the existence of gigantic humanoid life-forms inhabiting the icy waters of the Antarctic.

A 3 year old girl named Carrie who died in 1887 has been haunting the roads leading east out of Washington, North Carolina for well over a hundred years now. She is always seen in the pale yellow dress she was buried in, and has actually caused tragic car accidents in 1966 and 1989 due to people trying to avoid hitting her apparition. People have often reported her to the local police, only to be told not to worry once her description is noted.

I started to believe in ghost stories when I realized I was in one

The White Lady - The Legend of Nancy Sutherland

Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis with Pharoah Seti from his temple at Abydos.

Spook Bridge Every town has a legend, a ghost story that survives one generation after another, and Valdosta is no exception. Lowndes and Brooks County meet along the Withlacoochee River, where an abandoned bridge stands--host to stories of star-crossed lovers, satanic worship and a cold-blooded murder. The bridge, known as Spook Bridge, was not always such a scary place. According to Charles Arnold, electrical superintendent for Quitman, the bridge was probably built in the late teens..

True Ghost Horror Stories | Curiosities: Real Life True Scary Ghost Pictures

In 1914, an archaeologist was excavating some Mayan ruins in the city of Acajutla, El Salvador and discovered two statuettes, a man and woman, wearing ancient Egyptian dress and cartouches, possibly a depiction of Osiis and Isis.

Grandfather - ghost stories and songs about ghosts

This story dates back to 1889 and is about a family that purchased a rather old fashioned house in Stuyvesant Square, Philadelphia. The couple started working on refurbishing the whole place. With a lot of time in her hands and no adult supervision, their youngest daughter started spending a lot of time in the attic that had been converted to a playroom. Even after the house was set up the girl did not want to spend time with her parents but preferred spending time in the attic. When quizzed she

In 1937 Hallie Illingworth vanished without a trace. Monty claimed that his wife had run off with a sailor, soon afterwards he ran off with another woman; he would be granted a divorce from Hallie in 1938. His story seemed suspicious.. In 1940, two fishermen spotted an object floating on the water: they saw a body wrapped in blankets and hog tied with heavy rope. The body showed clear evidence of being strangled, until today the ghost of Hallie is haunting Lake Crescent.