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Yellow Labs

33 Funny Dogs That Will Do Whatever It Takes To Sit Wherever They Fit. is Hilarious!

What's your name?

Dog startid It. It was me I let the dogs out. Get a dog they said It will be fun they said. Not sure If here because I'm losing

Cutest Puppy EVER!

Recent data suggests that the reason that dogs tilt their heads when we speak to them is because their muzzle blocks their view of our mouth area. Dogs with less pronounced muzzles tilt their heads when spoken to significantly less.

Is your pet’s food safe to eat? Maybe not, considering 40 percent of the meat is mislabeled.

Labradors are a dog breed you can find all over the world. Here are some Labrador puppy training tips you may find helpful.

I wonder if they'll adopt me.

16 Reasons Labradors Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are