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Accent Daffodil -The first true pink daffodil ever offered in the flower market, the 'Accent' Daffodil is sure to be just that! Winner of the Award of Garden Merit in 1995, the snow-white pointed petals surround a frilly true pink cup giving these blooms a fanciful look. These daffodils are matchless in the spring garden! Perennial in Zones 3 - 8. Narcissus bulb size 14/16 cm. This item willl Bloom/Grow Mid Spring 2014.

Pink Daffodils might make a substitute for tulips if you have deer. As well as being easier to grow -- I've got a black thumb for tulips:(

Amadeus Mozart mid spring - planted these in the lawn in autumn of 2011, they rotted away as anticipated by 2013